This is a Solitare D&D 4.0 campaign. It uses D20Pro, Fractal Mapper, MS word, Obsidian Portal, Wotc Character Builder, Wotc adventure tools. Gibsonore is a homebrew world from a friends campaign. It was named gibsonore after a guitar. My daughter is also involved in playing out the battles in D20pro. She like playing computer minis. Some of my D&D 4.0 inspirations have been Keith Baker’s Eberron, D&D online:unlimited, The Transformers cartoon from the eighties, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 &2, Dragon Age pc game, the Bible, Shogun the game, Axis and Allies game, Ender’s game book, Star Wars movies, Avatar movie, Jackie Chan, and Dragonlance books. I dedicate this to all those new and old DM’s who have had a hard time finding a regular D&D group.