The Inn of Despair

The Inn of Despair looked out over a swamp in the distance was a walled city. Today the Inn was talkative and bright though. The bartender, Sendar, chatted boisterously with a young man of orcish ancestry. They debated the price of a glass of ale and what it should cost, as the young man drank feverishly. The Orc-man looked behind him to see two strangers to the Inn in dark hoods that covered their faces. With all the bravery an orc could muster while half-drunk, he approached the two mysterious people. “Howdy. Where are yall from?”, said the orc.”I’m Ugarth, but you can call me Ug for short.” The two strangers were taken aback by the forwardness of the orc and the hooded man pointed at the orc and said, “Why is it that you have taken an interest in us , friend?” The hooded woman whispered something to the hooded man and he sat down again. The orc said to the couple,”I’d buy you both a round, however, I’m a bit short on silver deneros. Maybe you could lend me a couple if you don’t mind.” The hooded man stood up and a fiery gleam filled his eye, “I’m not interested in giving away what we have. Now leave us. Thank you.” “O.K., friend. Have it your way.” In the tavern squabbled a older man and a young lady. The lady wore armor and had a sword sheathed. The man wore a simple robe and carried a natural wood staff. They said,”Dem, Rev, we have our orders, lets head out.” Then Ug looked up and said,” where are you headed? This land is pretty rough for strangers, and I believe you need a guide.” The older man introduced himself to Ug as Pelaios and his partner in armor as Valna. “We see you’ve already met Reverence and Demonous.” Emerald claw soldiers arrive and attack. 12 soldiers and 1 sergeant. The party takes a beating, mostly reverence and Ug since they held the front line. The surviving troops are fanatical and have nothing to say before there death. The party goes back inside the inn. The barkeeper insists that the party leave and dispose of the bodies outside far away from his inn. 85 xp each

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